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Dennis PG, Virdis B, Vanwonterghem I, Hassan A, Hugenholtz P, Tyson GW, Rabaey K.  2016.  Anode potential influences the structure and function of anodic electrode and electrolyte-associated microbiomes. Scientific Reports. 6(1)
Angly FE, Pantos O, Morgan TC, Rich V, Tonin H, Bourne DG, Mercurio P, Negri AP, Tyson GW.  2016.  Diuron tolerance and potential degradation by pelagic microbiomes in the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. PeerJ. 4:e1758.
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Robbins SJ, Evans PN, Parks DH, Golding SD, Tyson GW.  2016.  Genome-Centric Analysis of Microbial Populations Enriched by Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Additives in a Coal Bed Methane Production Well. Frontiers in Microbiology. 7
Vanwonterghem I, Jensen PD, Rabaey K, Tyson GW.  2016.  Genome-centric resolution of microbial diversity, metabolism and interactions in anaerobic digestion. Environmental Microbiology.
Raudsepp M.J, Gagen E.J, Evans PN, Tyson GW, Golding S.D, Southam G..  2016.  The influence of hydrogeological disturbance and mining on coal seam microbial communities. Geobiology. 14(2):163-175.
Angly FE, Heath C, Morgan TC, Tonin H, Rich V, Schaffelke B, Bourne DG, Tyson GW.  2016.  Marine microbial communities of the Great Barrier Reef lagoon are influenced by riverine floodwaters and seasonal weather events.. PeerJ. 4:e1511.
Barr JJ, Dutilh BE, Skennerton CT, Fukushima T, Hastie ML, Gorman JJ, Tyson GW, Bond PL.  2016.  Metagenomic and metaproteomic analyses of Accumulibacter phosphatis-enriched floccular and granular biofilm. Environmental Microbiology. 18(1):273-287.
Vanwonterghem I, Evans PN, Parks DH, Jensen PD, Woodcroft B.J., Hugenholtz P, Tyson GW.  2016.  Methylotrophic methanogenesis discovered in the archaeal phylum Verstraetearchaeota. Nature Microbiology. 1:16170.
Strong P, Laycock B, Mahamud S, Jensen P, Lant P, Tyson GW, Pratt S.  2016.  The Opportunity for High-Performance Biomaterials from Methane. Microorganisms. 4(1):11.
Woodcroft B.J., Boyd JA, Tyson GW.  2016.  OrfM: A fast open reading frame predictor for metagenomic data.. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England).
Skennerton CT, Haroon MF, Briegel A, Shi J, Jensen GJ, Tyson GW, Orphan VJ.  2016.  Phylogenomic analysis of Candidatus ‘Izimaplasma’ species: free-living representatives from a Tenericutes clade found in methane seeps. The ISME Journal.
Rahman NAbdul, Parks DH, Vanwonterghem I, Morrison M, Tyson GW, Hugenholtz P.  2016.  A Phylogenomic Analysis of the Bacterial Phylum Fibrobacteres. Frontiers in Microbiology. 6
Rinke C, Low S, Woodcroft B.J., Raina J-B, Skarshewski A, Le XH, Butler MK, Stocker R, Seymour J, Tyson GW et al..  2016.  Validation of picogram- and femtogram-input DNA libraries for microscale metagenomics. PeerJ. 4:e2486.
Kao-Kniffin J., Woodcroft B.J., Carver S.M., Bockheim J.G., Handelsman J., Tyson GW, Hinkel K.M., Mueller C.W..  2015.  Archaeal and bacterial communities across a chronosequence of drained lake basins in arctic alaska. Scientific Reports. 5:18165.
Soo RM, Woodcroft B.J., Parks DH, Tyson GW, Hugenholtz P.  2015.  Back from the dead; the curious tale of the predatory cyanobacterium Vampirovibrio chlorellavorus.. PeerJ. 3:e968.
Parks DH, Imelfort M, Skennerton CT, Hugenholtz P, Tyson GW.  2015.  CheckM: assessing the quality of microbial genomes recovered from isolates, single cells, and metagenomes.. Genome research.
Tout J, Jeffries TC, Petrou K, Tyson GW, Webster NS, Garren M, Stocker R, Ralph PJ, Seymour JR.  2015.  Chemotaxis by natural populations of coral reef bacteria. The ISME Journal. 9(8):1764-1777.
Wang JTH, Daly JN, Willner DL, Patil J, Hall RA, Schembri MA, Tyson GW, Hugenholtz P.  2015.  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? An authentic large-scale undergraduate research experience in mapping the human oral microbiome. Journal of microbiology & biology education. 16:50-60.
Skennerton CT, Barr JJ, Slater FR, Bond PL, Tyson GW.  2015.  Expanding our view of genomic diversity in C andidatus  Accumulibacter clades. Environmental Microbiology. 17(5):1574-1585.
Sekiguchi Y, Ohashi A, Parks DH, Yamauchi T, Tyson GW, Hugenholtz P.  2015.  First genomic insights into members of a candidate bacterial phylum responsible for wastewater bulking.. PeerJ. 3:e740.
Pantos O, Bongaerts P, Dennis PG, Tyson GW, Hoegh-Guldberg O.  2015.  Habitat-specific environmental conditions primarily control the microbiomes of the coral Seriatopora hystrix. The ISME Journal. 9(9):1916-1927.



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