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Botté ES, Nielsen S, Wahab MAzmi Abdul, Webster J, Robbins S, Thomas T, Webster NS.  2019.  Changes in the metabolic potential of the sponge microbiome under ocean acidification. Nature Communications. 10(1)
Moeller FU, Webster NS, Herbold CW, Behnam F, Domman D, Albertsen M, Mooshammer M, Markert S, Turaev D, Becher D et al..  2019.  Characterization of a thaumarchaeal symbiont that drives incomplete nitrification in the tropical sponge Ianthella basta. Environmental Microbiology. 21(10):3831-3854.
Glasl B, Smith CE, Bourne DG, Webster NS.  2019.  Disentangling the effect of host-genotype and environment on the microbiome of the coral Acropora tenuis. PeerJ. 7:e6377.
Cristea IM, Dorrestein PC, Eisen JA, Gilbert JA, Huber JA, Jansson JK, Knight R, Pollard KS, Raes J, Silver PA et al..  2019.  Early-Career Scientists Shaping the World. mSystems. 4(3)
Luter HM, Whalan S, Andreakis N, Wahab MAbdul, Botté ES, Negri AP, Webster NS.  2019.  The Effects of Crude Oil and Dispersant on the Larval Sponge Holobiont. mSystems. 4(6)
Glasl B, Bourne DG, Frade PR, Thomas T, Schaffelke B, Webster NS.  2019.  Microbial indicators of environmental perturbations in coral reef ecosystems. Microbiome. 7(1)
Lurgi M, Thomas T, Wemheuer B, Webster NS, Montoya JM.  2019.  Modularity and predicted functions of the global sponge-microbiome network. Nature Communications. 10(1)
Cavicchioli R, Ripple WJ, Timmis KN, Azam F, Bakken LR, Baylis M, Behrenfeld MJ, Boetius A, Boyd PW, Classen AT et al..  2019.  Scientists’ warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 17(9):569-586.
Laffy PW, Botté ES, Wood‐Charlson EM, Weynberg KD, Rattei T, Webster NS.  2019.  Thermal stress modifies the marine sponge virome. Environmental Microbiology Reports. 11(5):690-698.


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