Steven Robbins is originally from Ohio but moved to Brisbane in 2011 to obtain his PhD at UQ. There, he investigated the metabolic pathways used to generate coal seam gas (CSG) and the effects of hydrofracture stimulation on CSG microbial communities. His current work with the ReFuGe2020 consortium involves the use of traditional genome sequencing and genome-centric metagenomics to generate reference genomes for several species of coral, as well as their Symbiodinium, microbial, and viral associates, in order to clarify their individual roles in population, community, and evolutionary processes. 

PhD in microbial ecology and genomics, University of Queensland, Australia
Bachelor of Science, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, United States of America

Reef microbial symbiosis & environmental stress

The vulnerability of coral reefs to environmental stress has traditionally been assessed by determining how key species respond to particular environmental factors.

The Coral Microbiome

Despite the importance of microbes for the coral host, there is a limited understanding of how the coral microbiome and their metabolic functions are affected by changing ocean conditions.

Last reviewed 20 November 2019


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