My research interests are in microbial genomics where I use comparative genomic approaches to better understand the evolution, emergence, and dissemination of bacterial pathogenesis. In particular, this includes phylogenomics, evolution, & characterisation of mobile genetic elements of uropathogens using bioinformatics.

I am currently a final year PhD candidate in Genomics and Bioinformatics at The University of Queensland, Australia. I am also a member of the Beatson Group & work with a number of sequencing datasets (including Illumina short-read & Oxford Nanopore long-read sequencing). My projects focus on phylogenomic analysis, & in-depth characterisation of antibiotic resistance & mobile genetic elements, of global Enterobacteriales. I have developed a broad range of skills/knowledge in bioinformatics & a variety of field work methods, offering great insight across the full spectrum of research design & implementation.

Complementing his specific expertise in microbial genomics, Rhys has also developed a portfolio of practical experience in other areas of infectious disease research. The MONKEYBAR project involved relocating to Malaysia to carry out in-field research into the biomedical, environmental, and social risk factors for human infection with Plasmodium knowlesi – in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health in Borneo. Rhys’ time at the BARC project, under CRIPES at Cardiff University assisted research into the prevalence of common soil parasites across the United Kingdom, particularly Toxocara spp.

2016, Bachelor of Science Second Class Honours Division One (Biology), Cardiff University
Last reviewed 17 April 2021
The University of Queensland


Australian Centre for Ecogenomics
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