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ACE Director gets a Laureate

ACE director, Phil Hugenholtz, scores an ARC Laureate on his favourite topic, microbial evolution and classification. As a bonus, he was horribly misquoted in the Australian. To read more about Phil's Laureate, please follow this link: https://www.uq.edu.au/news/article/2015/06/uq-leads-nation-prestigious-a...

ACE Profiling Service for Bacterial, Archaeal, Fungal and Eukaryotic Communities Available

Community Profiling Services at ACE have recently been expanded from our initial 16S Amplicon service. We now offer a selection of 7 primer sets to cover Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi and microscopic Eukaryotic organisms. If you have a project that would benefit from these analyses, please email our Sequencing Manager, Nicola Angel to discuss your requirements at: (ace_sequencing@uq.edu.au).

ACE Deputy Director, Gene Tyson, recipient of the Frank Fenner Award

This prestigious accolade is given annually by The Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) to an outstanding microbiologist in a formative stage of their career.