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Our Mission: To explore and understand the microbial world using ecogenomics

Latest Publications

ACE Director gets a Laureate

ACE director, Phil Hugenholtz, scores an ARC Laureate on his favourite topic, microbial evolution and classification. As a bonus, he was horribly misquoted in the Australian. To read more about Phil's Laureate, please follow this link: https://www.uq.edu.au/news/article/2015/06/uq-leads-nation-prestigious-a...

ACE Profiling Service for Bacterial, Archaeal, Fungal and Eukaryotic Communities Available

Community Profiling Services at ACE have recently been expanded from our initial 16S Amplicon service. We now offer a selection of 7 primer sets to cover Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi and microscopic Eukaryotic organisms. If you have a project that would benefit from these analyses, please email our Sequencing Manager, Nicola Angel to discuss your requirements at: (ace_sequencing@uq.edu.au).

Methane cycling gets more diverse... another Science paper for ACE!

Congratulations to Paul Evans, Donovan Parks, Steve Robbins and the rest of the team for the just released ACE publication to Science: "Methane metabolism in the archaeal phylum Bathyarchaeota revealed by genome-centric metagenomics". You can read more here: http://m.sciencemag.org/content/350/6259/434.