Gretel loves microbes. She’s especially interested in their ecological and evolutionary interactions, and the roles they might play in the context of changing environmental conditions in future Earth scenarios. Her PhD research aims to unravel the complex responses of marine microorganisms to environmental stress, especially in coastal ecosystems.

Previously, Gretel completed undergraduate research projects and an Honours project under the supervision of Dr Paul Dennis at the University of Queensland, where she cultivated both her excitement for data analysis… and a whole lot of fungi. Now based between the Australian Institute of Marine Science and ACE, she hopes that her work in microbial ecotoxicology might lead to outcomes that help us better predict ecosystem shifts on a rapidly changing planet, and that her non-stop science chatter might inspire others to learn about microbes too.

Defining Species & Functional Sensitivity Distributions for Microorganisms

This project will develop a unique molecular platform for deriving quantitative stress thresholds for microbial communities inhabiting key reef habitats (seawater, sediments, invertebrates).


Australian Centre for Ecogenomics
Level 5, Molecular Biosciences Bldg
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia

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